So I guess this is a hiatus which is bleh;

but I haven’t been on my own computer for about two months now and I don’t know I’m not feeling it. But I do love you guys, and thanks for sticking around even after I fell off the edge of the earth.

Feel free to hit me up with anything; but for at least the next few weeks I’m not going to be here;

much love <3

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    [ OPEN TEXT ]

  • Kat: I can't sleep.
  • Kat: Entertain me.
02-17 / 20:48
petrovapoison asked: ” Kitchen counter or shower? ”


[nsfw/valentine’s edition] send any of the following for my muses reaction:

"Wow, Katerina tough decision. Ummm, shower. For now anyway."

              “Good answer,” Katherine almost purred in response, and she eagerly closed the distance between them.

broken-somnium asked: ” You’re teasing me . “

[nsfw/valentine’s edition] send any of the following for my muses reaction:

                  Katherine pulled away from the girl for only a second, undressing the brunette with her eyes.

                                    "But you like being teased, don’t you, Effy?"

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[nsfw/valentine’s edition] send any of the following for my muses reaction:

” Soo…whipped cream or chocolate? ”
” Nope, it’s my turn. ”
” Bend over. “
" Call me master..say it. "
" I love you..I’ve always loved you. "
” You can’t say no to the sex dice. “
” What do you want to do to me? ”
” You’re teasing me . “
” Why do you have clothes on? “
” Take. This. Off. “
” I’m not taking no for an answer. So, strip. “
” Kitchen counter or shower? ”
” You’re too good at this. ”
” What took you so long? “
” Get your ass over here. “
” Yes, okay..I’ve dreamt about you and now? You’re all I can think about. “
” Stay with me. “

out of curls; I’m going to get food but message me if you wanna do this, kay? Okay.

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afloatingleaf said: ok cool :) do you want me to post a starter? or do you want to? Or do you want to plot more?

I’ll message you bby

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afloatingleaf said: sounds like an interesting au :) i would volunteer but we’ve never rped together and i’m not sure if you would want to do the au with someone you haven’t rped with yet so yeah

dude let’s do it seriously I’m up for anything c:

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out of curls; yo I’m not dead btw, but I do have an au I wanna play out under the read more hmu up if you wanna do it idk

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                                                                   I’m just

                                                                  You now