Katerina Petrova.

Katherine Pierce.

❝ There's nothing more annoying
than a vengeful vampire, Stefan. Just
ask John Gilbert. ❞

Indie AU Vampie!Katherine Pierce.


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Катерина Петрова

      Mother, I ᴛʀɪᴇᴅ please believe me ——
                                   I’m doing the best that I can.

           I’m αѕнαмєɗ of the things I’ve 
           been put through.
                             I’m ASHAMED 
                             of the person I am.



"Damn, fine. Name your genre of entertainment."

          "I’m bored of this town—— let’s get out of it.”


  • "Does he slip you the hot beef injection?"
  • "Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?"
  • "Eat my shorts."
  • "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?"
  • "Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns."
  • "Could you describe the ruckus?"
  • "Do you know how popular I am?"
  • "Why are you being so nice to me?"
  • "If I lose my temper you're totaled, man."
  • "You ask me one more question and I'm beating the shit out of you."
  • "Being bad feels pretty good, huh?"
  • "Don't you ever talk about my friends."
  • "Just stick to the things you know; shopping, nail polish, your father's BMW, and your poor, rich drunk mother in the Caribbean."
  • "Hey, you're not urinating in here, man."
  • "Now is this the first time or the last time you do this to me?"
  • "So... what's your poison?"
  • "You're a lying sack of shit and everybody knows it."
  • "Keep your fuckin' hands off me!"
  • "Why didn't you want me to know that you are a virgin?"
  • "You know, I have just as, many feelings as you do and it hurts so much when someone steps all over them."
  • "Don't you ever, ever, compare yourself to me, "
  • "Are we gonna be like our parents?"
  • "You couldn't ignore me if you tried."
  • "Two hits... me hitting you, you hitting the floor."
  • "You don't talk to her, you don't look at her and you don't even think about her! You understand me?"
  • "Are you a virgin?"
  • "Yo wastoid, you're not gonna blaze up in here."
  • "You ought to spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people."
  • "You're kind of sexy when you're angry."
  • "Chicks cannot hold their smoke, dat's what it is."



"Well, as I said, I wasn’t expecting it, so my being here doesn’t necessarily need a reason, does it?"


         "Are you going to entertain me, or not?”

;; out of curls   someone give me a 1864 verse pls



                 ”I wasn’t expecting to give company.”

         "Well then— why are you here, Damon?”


Check Yes Juliet // au

Muse A has everything she could possibly want, huge house,
rich parents who love her and will support her. Muse B is a kid
with a rough past, has his own band and works in a garage on
the wrong side of town. The pair never should have met, until
Muse A shows up with her friends to one of Muse B’s gigs. And
frankly once he lays eyes on Muse A, he simply can’t get her out
of his head. So they start seeing each other, mostly behind the
scenes so Muse A’s parents won’t find out. Until one night Muse
parents catch Muse B sneaking in their daughters window,
and forbid her from ever seeing him again. And for a while she
listens to them, ignoring Muse B’s calls and texts. Until one night
he’s throwing rocks at her window, begging her to run away with
him. And she simply can’t refuse.

          "You really shouldn’t walk around Mystic Falls alone at night—— you know."

          "I wasn’t exactly expecting company, Damon."


          “What do you want, Elijah? I’m busy.”

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